More than two years after President (Abraham) Lincoln freed all slaves on June 19, 1865

To implement the Emancipation Proclamation and release the last remaining enslaved Black Americans in Texas, Maj. General Gordon Granger and Union Army soldiers marched to Galveston, Texas.

Juneteenth is a space of so much Black joy for people across the diaspora.

It’s just empowering to know that people who look like you and who share a common heritage are all here in Idaho, even if we don’t see each other often,

Juneteenth Idaho and the Black Liberation Collective collaborated with neighbourhood groups and Black-owned businesses for a weekend of celebration, including

Throughout the celebration, organizers were actively reminding attendees to stay hydrated, well-nourished and conscious of COVID-19 considerations. 

It's triggering and horrifying. Whitley Hawk, a co-founder of Inclusive Idaho, said: "You never think, "Oh that U-Haul truck carries folks who don't like me because I'm Black.

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